Fully Customizable 1 person Custom Bobblehead

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  • $89.90

Since this is full-body customization, You can upload HD full-body photos, or you can upload HD head photos plus your favorite custom photos. Whatever you can imagine, we can do it.
As shown in the photos below:
100% Custom Details Picture

Special Note
If you have other customization requirements. Other customized photos can be emailing the image to contact@bobbleheadcraft.com. A high-resolution image will work best. Please include your order number with your email. You are our priority, we will strive to make you happy and provide 100% satisfactory service.

•The Stationary Head can make for any hairstyles, and the Bobble Head hair can only be designed to the shoulder.

Bobblehead Free Accessories

•Small accessories on the promised product will not charge any extra fees, such as helmets, hats, glasses, sunglasses, base inscription, etc.

Upgrade process technology, metal laser engraving inscriptions (free for a limited time)Bobbleheadcraft

Bobblehead Proofing Service

•Proofing is the utmost important process to ensure the best likeness and highest quality of your custom bobbleheads, you will have 100% satisfactory proofing service.Bobbleheadcraft

Bobblehead Material

•We use polymer clay that meets the highest industry standards, it's a non-toxic, multi-color, and environmentally friendly convertible material that makes your bobblehead very alive-looking.


Bobblehead Size

•The size is the stature of the person standing from head to toe, most of our bobbleheads are between 6-9inches.


Bobblehead craft and details



Customize a unique gift today





Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Roberta Womack
KOC bobblehead

very good product - would definitely recommend this company - memorable gift

Ashley Smith
Overall great but I had to fix, CS is not the best.

I ordered as a gift for my boss, I was very impressed with the amount of detail that was used! Due to the language barrier I ended up doing a lot of modifications. After receiving the proof, I asked for the hair to be "a little more gray" so I got completely gray, and ended up painting his hair. I requested the nametag say "Mark" and it says my name, which is obviously a major problem, that I have had to spend money elsewhere and a lot of my time to correct. Customer service told me to "write on it with a pen" and offered me 30% off my NEXT order for this. HOWEVER, it is still great, I'm still excited to gift it to him, and it came very very quickly.

lester duhon

Was skeptical of how it would look after two proofs. It really came out nice. Hat too tall and no Grey hair on back of head but overall it came out good. The spring in the head must be bent

Kimberly Daly
Exceeded Expectations

This was 100% custom, and they asked for review and direction during the process. Will be placing another order and would recommend to anyone looking for an unique gift.

Janice Zuber

Fully Customizable 1 person Custom Bobblehead

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